Thursday, December 29, 2011

'The Dirty Picture': The most watched in India with over 13,24,000 mobile views

MUMBAI, India (Dec 29) – Bollywood flick ‘The Dirty Picture’ starring Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Tushar Kapoor and Imran Hashmi is the most viewed film on Indian mobile pones, revealed by an independent mobile company.

According to reports, ‘Among the most watched Indian videos on mobile, cinema related content reigned supreme and out of them ‘The Dirty Picture’ was the most watched, with over 13,24,000 mobile views.’

Bollywood’s superhero flick ‘Ra.One’ starring Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor spotted as second and surprisingly the famous Tanglish song ‘Kolaveri Di’ which has received nearly 30 million hits on YouTube came in third.

Continue reading below and watch the video of song "Ooh La La"..

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