Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pakistan turned down invitation to participate U.S. investigations over NATO strikes: Pentagon

WASHINGTON, DC – Pentagon revealed that Pakistan has refused to be part of U.S. investigation of the NATO strikes on Pakistani check-posts last Saturday.

NATO strikes killed 24 Pakistani troops on last Saturday
The pentagon spokesperson, Captain John Kirby, while talking to media said that Pakistan was invited to collaborate in the investigation into NATO airstrike incident, which has infuriated Pakistan and threw U.S.-Pakistan ties into the new low, but Pakistani officials have declined the offer.

“Every sovereign nation has the right of self-defense and the right to order their troops to defend themselves,” said by spokesperson when asked about the reports that Pakistan’s army chief has ordered troops to strike back straight away in same scenario in future.

The United States has expressed regret over the NATO airstrikes, that killed 24 Pakisani troops on two posts including a Major and Captain, but didn’t issue any formal apologize while the American military performs the investigation.

“It’s safe to say that the incident has had a chilling effect on our relationship with the Pakistani military, no question about that,” Kirby told reporters. “Both sides deem it to be as serious. as it was.”

The Pakistani army claimed the NATO airstrikes are “deliberate act of aggression” but U.S. officials have refused to discuss in public what happened at two Pakistani posts on Afghan border.

Kirby suggested the U.S. military would evaluate its operations and strategy for forces stationed in eastern Afghanistan in the consequences of the lethal airstrikes.

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