Thursday, December 8, 2011

Watch VIDEO: US Spy Drone 'RQ-170 Sentinel' on Display in Iran Revealing Secret Technology

TEHRAN, Iran (Dec. 04) – Iran has put the US drone plane on display which was shot down by Iranian military on Sunday (Dec. 04) over the violation of air territory of Iran.

US Spy Drone 'RQ-170 Sentinel' on Display in Iran
As reported earlier here; Iranian media reports said the unmanned aerial vehicle - identified as a type RQ-170 also dubbed as Sentinel - suffered minimum harm and was now in the hands of the armed forces.

The cream-colored RQ-170 Sentinel displayed while two uniformed military men examine the drone's radar-eluding batwing frame.

The Iranian military claims that it captured the US drone using a cyber ploy as it was hovering through the country’s airspace. Contradicting the Iranian statement U.S. military officials said the drone was not flying over Iran, but meant on surveillance mission in western Afghanistan before entering into Iranian airspace due to a small malfunction.

Watch the video below revealing the stealth American drones technology.

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