Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Google Chrome making good grounds in browser market

“Every rise has a downfall”, it’s an old saying but fits very much for recent victory of Google Chrome over Internet Explorer in terms of market share.

Google Chrome enjoying growth in browser market
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, which was considered as the undoubted king of browsing and once the holder of ‘world’s most-used browser’ tag, has lost its supremacy in browsing field to its toughest rival Google Chrome.

According to statistics and figures by StatCounter, a Web Analytic firm, Internet Explorer 8, after been trailed slightly by Google chrome in last week of November, has lost significant share of market until now.

The statistics shows that in last week of November, Internet Explorer 8 was capturing 23.5% of browser market share as compared to 23.6% of Google Chrome leaving a gap of just 0.1%; but the latest stats have shown that the gap has widened to 3% with browser market share of 22% and 25% for Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome respectively.

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