Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Fall of Mubarak Regime in Egypt Revitalizes Anti-regime Forces in Arab and Middle East

TEHRAN, Iran - After the collapse of 30-year Mubarak regime in Egypt; pro-democracy forces in different countries of Arab and Middle East feeling their significance even though suppressed for the decades.

In Sanaa, the capital city of Yemen. anti-government protesters staged a demonstration on Saturday which was not quite significant in terms of numbers; but no one can say when this flare will turn into an uncontrolled jungle fire, when the voice of few thousand, "After Mubarak, it's Ali's turn", will become the nation’s demand.   

Then comes Algeria where on Saturday hundred of pro-democracy activists were detained by police for staging an anti-government demonstration, in Capital city of Algiers, despite of ban from the Algerian government. The government, following the footsteps of Mubarak, disconnect internet services in the country and deployed heavy number of police to nullify the effects of demonstrations.
The next week will start with the demonstrations in Bahrain and Iran. The opposition in Iran have already called their supporters on the internet. Reportedly, the call had been responded positively by numbers. 

The opposition revitalized its supporters for gathering in central Tehran on Monday; the statement was released on on Sunday. Further in the statement; the duplicate behaviour of the Iranian government was criticized for verbal support to the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions while denying Iranian political protesters to stage a peaceful demonstration.      

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