Sunday, April 24, 2011

Capt. Wasi Hassan Kidnap Case: Final 11 Days of Deadline - - Video of Laila (Daughter) Begging for Help

Family of Kidnapped Capt. Wasi Hassan (Laila in centre)
KARACHI - The Final dead line is just 11 days away to set release Capt. Wasi Hassan with his four Pakistani members and innocent Laila (daughter of Captain Wasi Hassan) is begging for money to release her father from the Somali Pirates.

After repeated request to government; now family of Captain Wasi has started fund raising campaign on their own. But it is shameful that government has done nothing in this issue and all the political parties are ignoring this issue. 

We are Muslim; but we forget that Muhammad Bin Qasim travelled thousand miles on the call of his religious sister to save her. 

Innocent Laila questioned Rehman Malik that what he would do if his own son would have been kidnapped; but she couldn't still receive the reply from Rehman baba. I'm sure the reply will never come from him. They don't have the moral courage to face such innocent questions.

The pirates have reduced their demand to $2.0 million and $1.5 million have already been arranged by shipping company and international NGO; but still there's a $500,000 difference. I'm sure that Almighty Allah will not disappoint the innocent Laila and she will again see her father safe and sound.

I request every Pakistani (excluding selfish politicians) to help this family as much as possible. I'm deadly sure that my brave nation will not let them alone and will do every possible effort to release father of innocent Laila. 

Captain Wasi Hassan will come home very soon, I'm sure, with the help of Pakistani nation and this will be a slap on the face of government and selfish politicians having Swiss accounts full o dollars, euros and pounds.


  1. we are with you Laila!! don't worry we ll try our best to help you. i have written a letter to editor to give it to different esteemed newspapers. also, i am making posters to make people aware with this brutal matter. InshAllah Your Dad will come back!! :)

  2. thanks for your support. the issue needs lot of such supportive gesture.



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