Friday, February 18, 2011

At Least 50 Wounded as a Result of Open Fire on Demonstrators on Friday: Obama Administration Condemned The Act

MANAMA - At least 50 protesters wounded in Bahrain when security forces open fire on the protesters on Friday. Thousands of people marched to gather in Pearl Square defying the use of force by the government in a revolution that wanted to shatter the political grip of the Gulf nation's leaders.

Once again, Bahrain security authorities hinted no signs of mercy in using force against demonstrators who rose up with the demands to bring down the whole ruling kingdom.

Obama administration criticized the use of aggression against the protesters in Bahrain as well as in Libya and Yemen, where heavy crackdowns by old-guard regimes were reported. 

In Bahrain on Friday, crucially injured protesters were taken to Manama's main Salmaniya hospital, which also received the dead and wounded after riot police smashed a protest encampment early Thursday in the landmark Pearl Square.

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