Monday, February 14, 2011

Jean Francis Say, 61-year-old Father, Stabbed His Two Children to Death at London's Empire Square

LONDON – In a gloomy incident at the flat in a modern block in Empire Square; the 61-year-old, Jean Francis Say, allegedly killed his two children on this weekend. The children; the 10-year-old Regina and 8-year-old her brother Rolls, were stabbed to death by their father who took them for weekend from their mother, happened to be his ex-wife. 

Jean Francis Say is divorced from the mother and is allowed to keep the childred over the weekend. Neighbours said he was French speaking and of West African origin. He worked as a part-time steward at football grounds. 

Detectives from the ‘Child Abuse Investigation Command’ are probing into the case, in which Jean Francis Say called her ex-wife after stabbing his children and told her about the incident. She immediately called rescue services but police and paramedical staff just found the dead bodies of the children in the flat.

Say was expected to appear at Camberwell magistrates' court today accused of double murder.

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