Friday, February 18, 2011

Basant (Kite-flying Festival) is Being Celebrated in Faisalabad Amid Government Ban

FAISALABAD, February 18 – Basant is being celebrated in Faisalabad today amid a ban from Government of Punjab. People of Faisalabad, mostly youngsters, started preparation in the afternoon of Thursday. Audio systems were adjusted on the roof tops to enjoy music during kite flying. Special gathering were arranged to have fun and enjoy the celebrations. 

Rana Sana Ullah, Punjab Law Minister, has asked the police to crack down and arrest those who are breaking the ban of the government; but it didn’t affect the zeal and fervour of the people of Faisalabad. 

Earlier, the Kite Flying Association had announced to celebrate Basant on February 27 and 28 in Lahore and on February 18 in Faisalabad, and had asked the government to reconsider the ban.

However, the government, after considerable consultations, refused to lift the ban, the channel reported.

Traditionally, Basant is celebrated to bid farewell to the winter season and to announce the arrival of spring season. Basant is celebrated in a big way in Pakistan and has become a very powerful traditional festival of Pakistan. It's a kite-flying festival which had originated from India and now it's famous across Pakistan especially in the Punjab province. In Punjab Basant is celebrated in the month of February usually around 20th of February.

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