Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Libya Getting Dangerous: Sea-Route to be Used by India to Evacuate 18,000 Nationals

NEW DELHI - - Indian government is concerned for their nationals trapped in Libya; where situation is getting dangerous with the passing of each day. Government has shown some intentions to evacuate almost 18,000 Indian nationals from volatile Libya.   

The situation in Libya is not quite favourable for an airlifted evacuation; therefore government is seriously considering sea-route to be used to get Indian nationals evacuated safely to their home soil.

India was still waiting for go-ahead signal to land its aircraft and ships; foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao mentioned that in her latest tweet.

Reportedly, a private cruise ship which is near Libya has been requested to anchor there - it can carry up to a thousand passengers.

More ships may be arranged to pick up Indians from Tripoli and Benghazi and drop them to Alexandria in Egypt, from where they will be flown back on special planes. Air India has been asked to keep aircraft ready for flights to Alexandria. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has made it clear that Indians in Libya have not been asked to pay for evacuation.

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