Saturday, February 19, 2011

Political Revolution Waves in Middle East: Dozens Killed in Libya While Talks Begin in Bahrain

TRIPOLI - Security forces of Libya allegedly killed dozens of protesters by gun fires as they were struggling to establish anti-Gaddafi demonstration in the second biggest city Benghazi; while in the mean time Bahrain's rulers started negotiations with the opposition as turbulence persisted to sweep the Middle East.

  Anti-regime protesters in Bahrain crowded into Pearl Square in Manama on Saturday, defying riot police for their cause and set up camp for a extended stay.

The Libyan government restricted foreign media operating into the country since the uprising against Gaddafi regime exploded, and the witness' account could not be independently verified.

As yesterday reported ere; Human Rights Watch reports 84 people have been killed in Libya since the start of the protests. The rising death toll is a clear depiction the severity with which Libyan government has been trying to suppress the demonstrators.

Political revolt has started from Tunisia and made its way to Egypt later on, after the victory of anti regime forces there the revolution shock waves reached to Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait and Djibouti as people came out in to the streets demanding political and economic change.

Anti-regime forces faced fierce government reactions in Yemen, Algiers and Djibouti, while an Egyptian court approved a new party in a historical ruling. Authorities in Saudi Arabian Authorities arrested activists trying to set up the kingdom's first political party.

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