Friday, February 4, 2011

Raymond Davis Will Be Released Very Soon: Pakistani Officials in U.S. Revealed

WASHINGTON – Reportedly, Pakistani officials are hinting of releasing Raymond Davis, a U.S. diplomat charged with murder in Pakistan, very soon. 

Allegedly, Pakistani officials in the America told media on Friday they anticipate Davis to be released within few days, once a Pakistani court would be convinced about the diplomatic status of the accused by the proper document. The Pakistani officials revealed on condition of secrecy to talk about the sensitive issue. 

Pakistani officials have avoided open defensive statements on whether Davis meets the criteria for diplomatic immunity, saying his fate is up to the court. But the officials who spoke to media said their government had to let the case proceed until the U.S. produced the required documents on Davis' diplomatic status. They said Pakistani police understood the facts supported Davis' story.
Raymond Davis was detained soon after the Jan. 27 shootings in Lahore. He made a short presence in court Thursday, and will again be presented on February 11. 

Besides the two men who were shot dead, a bystander was killed when he was struck by an American car rushing to the scene to help Davis.

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