Thursday, February 3, 2011

State-owned Radio Blamed Zimabwean PM, Morgan Tsvangirai, for The Recent Anti-Government Protests in Harare

HARARE, Zimbabwe – According to hospital sources; the recent political aggression left at least three people injured. On the reaction a state-owned radio blamed their prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, on Thursday; for enticing masses for anti-government protests as currently going on in Egypt and experienced by Tunisia earlier.

The state broadcaster referred recent remarks by Morgan Tsvangirai to the Fox News in which he supported mass protests in Tunisia and Egypt and purportedly inferred that he supported similar action in Zimbabwe. Radio further claimed Tsvangirai was planning an uprising "against himself" as he had taken vows to join the government when a power-sharing coalition was formed in 2009.

Further hospital sources revealed that several supporters of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's party have been treated for "serious injuries" this week as a result of the stone-throwing and assaults started on Monday.

Offices of Harare City Council were sealed off by armed police on Wednesday on the reaction of the protestors who captured the building and raised the slogans against the party of longtime President Robert Mugabe. 

On Wednesday, armed riot police sealed off the downtown offices of the Harare City Council as it was besieged by mobs chanting slogans of longtime President Robert Mugabe's party, witnesses said. Council staff fled the building.

On Thursday, situation was effectively controlled early in the morning.

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