Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dr.Tanveer Zamani, Zardari's Alleged Second Wife, Denied The Wedding Rumours

ISLAMABAD:  The news of marriage between President Asif Ali Zaradari and Dr. Tanveer Zamani, allegedly in Dubai, had gone viral few days back and spread like a jungle fire. Even after denials from different sources like Pakistan Peoples Party, Presidency and newspapers the fake news made its way to the masses and at last Dr. Tanveer Zamani herself has to step forward to make it clear the effects of the rumour.   

Dr. Tanveer Zamani, the New York-based physician and Pakistan People's Party activist, at the heart of a controversy over her rumoured wedding with President Asif Ali Zardari has said that she has never even met the Pakistani leader.

In an email to the media she categorically denied the rumour and reiterated that she never met Asif Ali Zardari in Dubai or elsewhere. She also condemned bloggers and journalists for disturbing the people by making fake stories about their personal lives.

She said, "I explicitly and clearly deny being married or being subject to a proposal or notion of being married to the Pakistani President, whom I hold in high esteem".

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