Friday, February 4, 2011

Russian Reacted Over the Alleged Abuse of Russian Adopted Boy by Her Mother Jessica Beagley

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - After a video that aired on "Dr. Phil" showed a woman, named as Jessica Beagley, punishing her adopted Russian son by spouting hot sauce into his mouth and forcing him into a cold shower; Russian officials are closely monitoring the case involving an Anchorage mother who was charged with child abuse.

The case has ignited a public upheaval in Russia at a time that nation is close to the completion of a mutual treaty with the U.S. on adoptions. Russia asked for the accord after the deaths of Russian children who were abused or neglected by their adoptive American parents in recent past.

Russian officials said they have not ruled out urging for the return of the 7-year-old boy to Russia should his adoptive mother be found guilty.

In the mean while attorney of accused mother, Jessica Beagley, keeps pointing that she is a caring mother who gave the video to the show because she actually wanted help.

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