Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Updates on Raymond Davis Case: Remand Period Extended; While Bail on Illegal Weapon Custody Accepted

ISLAMABAD - : “We have to live in this world and we have certain treaties with other countries”, Interior Minister Rehman malik said while addressing to Senate on Wednesday. He spoke out harshly in the reaction of the media speculation about the issue of Raymond Davis. 

Malik told further that the US citizen accused of double murder in Lahore holds diplomatic passport and he was issued visa through proper channel. The minister, however, did not provide exact information about category of visa.

Further he told the House that the name of Davis has been placed on the Exit Control List (ECL) in the light of directives of the Lahore High Court.

During his address, Rehman Malik also uttered his annoyance over media reports on this issue and other matters, saying those are based on just assumptions and an impression was being created that the federal government, including the prime minister, are exerting pressure for release of the US citizen.

According to latest reports; Court has accepted the bail of Raymond Davis in the case of illegal weapon custody; but the police remand has been increased to further eight days in the double murder case.

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