Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Foreign Journalists, Reporters Being Attacked During Coverage Clashes Between Opposite Groups

Cairo, Egypt - After eight days of Anti-Mubarak protests spreading in the Egypt; the emergence of pro-Mubarak forces are turning the protest more violent than before. In the process, foreign journalists and reporters are being attacked and abused by pro- and anti-Mubarak forces during the coverage of the clashes between these two opposite groups. 

According to statement from Media watchdog group Reporters without Borders (RSF); among the journalists attacked were Cooper of CNN, Herome Boehm of the BBC, and Lara Setrakian of ABC News.

CNN's Anderson Cooper said he, a producer and camera operator were set upon by people who began punching them and trying to break their camera.
Another CNN reporter, Hala Gorani, said she was pushed against a fence by horse-ridden protestors, some of them on the camels, and feared she was going to get flattened.

French international news channel France 24 said three of its journalists had been detained while covering protests in Egypt and were being held by "military intelligence services".

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