Saturday, May 7, 2011

16 Killed, 32 Missing in Capsized Boat, Heading to Italy, Near Libyan Coast

ROME, Italy – According to Ansa news agency; at least 16 Africans have been killed and 32 have still been missing as an overloaded boat, heading to Italy, overturned just few meters away from Libyan coast. 

16 dead 32 missing in a capsized boat near Libyan coast
 Reportedly, the boat had left early Friday with more than 600 people on board. It was following in the paths of another vessel that was carrying 655 migrants to the Italian island of Lampedusa overnight. 

Ansa further reported, quoting a Somali journalist, Aden Sabrie, as saying; there were three babies and several ladies among the 16 bodies recovered. Many of the passengers were survived by swimming to the nearby seashore. 

Incidents of this kind are not uncommon in the Mediterranean. 

Up to 200 people were feared to have drowned exactly a month ago when a boat carrying migrants from Libya capsized in rough seas off Lampedusa.

 The political unrest and economical issues in North Africa have raised the numbers of would-be migrants heading to Italy.

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