Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blackhawk v Secret Stealth Chopper used in Bin Laden Killin Mission (Must Watch Video)

Reported by madn3wz

WASHINGTON - The chopper used in the mission to kill Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has aircraft experts geeking out. The flying machine is almost impossible to see or hear- and as MSNBC explains- the state-of-the-art aircraft is even radar-repellent.

Normal Blackhawk is quite different from Stealth chopper used in Osama bin Laden killing Mission

ABC News shows the noise difference between an original Black Hawk and a stealth version of the chopper and adds that the aircraft used in the Abbottabad raid was even quieter than either of these.

"Experts studied these crash images noting the tail rotor's unusual design as you can see here. It's said to be a Black Hawk modified to reduce rotor noise and make it more difficult to detect by radar. One source also adding, its windshield night have been specially coated to help evade radar detection as well."

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