Monday, May 2, 2011

China's Police Held 7 Suspects on Account of Setting Hotel 'Home Inns' in Fire

Home Inns Hotel Fire Killed 10 on Sunday
CHANGCHUN, May 3 - - According to local authorities; seven suspects have been held by police on account of allegedly setting a hotel in fire that resulted in deaths of 10 people and injured 35 on Sunday morning. (Read full report here

 The fire broke out in the wee hours of Sunday in at ‘Home Inns’ hotel in Tonghua City of Jilin Province. ‘Home Inns’ is the largest budget hotels chain in China.
The 7-storey building has a karaoke bar and a restaurant on the first and second floors and the Home Inns hotel is based on the floors above.
According to police sources; most deaths out of total ten were at 5th and 7th floors due to suffocation.

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