Saturday, May 7, 2011

Latest Video of Osama bin Laden Released by CIA is Totally Fake (Video Proof)

Fake video of Bin laden Released by CIA
A guy in the video proved that the latest video released by CIA few hours back is totally fake and released just to fool the world about the killing issue of Bin Laden.

It's an interesting video referring history and providing the sources of information he used in this video.

Earlier it was reported here that a new video has been surfaced showing Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden watching himself on the TV, as how he’s been portrayed on different TV Channels.

The CIA video was aired on CNN just few hours ago and reportedly Department of Defence in United States at Pentagon has shared with reporters in an intelligence briefing took place a few hours ago. The tape was recovered from Osama bin Laden compound at Abbottabad at the time of raid and killing Bin Laden. 

The significance of the video tape is so much that the Pentagon and intelligence officials didn’t allow the video to be seen with audio. Only the pictures can be seen; but in the briefing officials briefed the reporters in detail about what was happening in the video.

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