Monday, May 2, 2011

Matric Student, Ali Raza, Ran Away With His Female Teacher, Nadia Hussain, to Get Marry in Bahawalpur

Love Birds Story: Student get married with his teacher
BAHAWALPUR - - In a very strange incident at Bahawalpur; a matric student ran away with his female teacher and they get married in a mosque in Bahawalpur.

Reportedly, 14-year-old Ali Raza was taking tuition from Nadia Hussain, 27, at her home. Nadia Hussain is a student at Bahawalpur Islamia University and also teaching in a private school.

During the tuition sessions she developed special relations with her student Ali Raza and they ultimately decided to get married; but knowing that their families will not agree on this issue, they decided to run away to Lahore to get married there. But due to lack of computerzied national identity card (CNIC) of Ali Raza it couldn’t happen and they returned back to their native city and get married in a mosque.

Rizwan, one of Ali Raza’s friends, helped them escape from Bahwalpur by hiring a taxi with driver, Rana Nadeem, who took them to Lahore and get them back to Bahawalpur.

The party was traced with the help of Nadeem’s mobile phone by police; as Raza’s family has lodged a complaint in Kotwali Police Station. According to police sources; the couple was staying in Nadeem’s house for more than two weeks at area called Fauji Basti.

It was revealed later on that Nadia Hussain’s colleagues in private school did know that she had palns to run away with his student Ali raza.

Raza’s father, Shakil Ahmed, told that Raza stole jewellery from home before they ran away to Lahore. Shakil Ahmed reconciled with his son in the police station on Monday (May 2) and ready to get both of them back to his home.

“We are taking our son and his wife home,” Raza’s father Shakeel said. “These are not real issues. He has performed a nikah in a mosque and they are married,” he futher added.

Taxi driver Rana Nadeem is the most annoying party in this entire scene; because he is still in the custody of police. 

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