Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pippa Middleton offered by Steven Hirsch $5 million for Single Scene in adult movie

Kate Middleton’s 27-year-old sister Pippa Middleton has been buzzing around on the internet since the end of Royal Wedding on April 29. Her pictures in bikini, half naked, with naked friends and with Prince Willam are one of most viewed items on the internet in last few days.

Kate Middleton's 27-year-old Sister, Pippa Middleton at Royal Wedding
Now Pippa Middleton again got something stunning and unexpected from Steven Hirsch, the founder of porn film company Vivid Entertainment, in form of $5 million offer to star in just one scene of an adult movie. 

Hirsch didn’t only offer to Pippa Middleton, but he is ready to test James Middleton also in his movie.

Pippa Middletn now has a Facebook page dedicated to her bottom – the “Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society” – with tens of thousands of fans.

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