Sunday, April 24, 2011

10 Killed by Landslides Caused by Heavy Rains in Igrejinha and Novo Harmburgo, Southern Brazil

Rio de Janerio, Brazil – At least ten people reportedly died as a result of heavy rain that struck southern Brazil state of Rio Grande do Sul.  

As per further details; 8 were killed in mud slides that surrounded homes in the towns of Igrejinha and Novo Harmburgo, including three children aged nine, 11 and 13, who were sleeping when a tide of mud hit their home.

In the other incidents, a farmer was also died as a result of collapse of a building and another person was electrocuted as electricity supply lines came down in Sepucaia do Sul.

As per reports; there are two more missing from the town of Igrejinha and rescue teams are not only working to locate those missing but also helping people evacuate from those areas which are still prone to risk of land and mud slides.

The weather latest reports suggest more rain, high winds and even hail, which could obstruct rescue efforts.

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