Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arkansas Weather Updates: Harsh and Severe, 43 Deaths Confirmed - - Checklist to Get Ready

ARKANSAS, USA - The severe weather with spawning tornadoes and severe winds in Arkansas has already perished 43 lives, confirmed by official sources.

With forecasts hinting to even more harsh Arkansas weather ahead, state locals have changed how they live – scanning Twitter for weather updates and packing emergency kits.

Here are few tips to follow in case of severe weather hits your area:

·         Before a storm, make sure you have a place to seek shelter, either in your home or -- especially if you live in a mobile home -- a strong shelter nearby you can move to if a tornado warning is issued. 

·         Each person should have a "go kit" ready to grab on the way to shelter. The go kit should include a first-aid kit, flashlight and batteries, identification, matches, copies of important financial documents, an extra set of clothes, and other items. 

·         Have a relative outside your community serve as an emergency contact so if family members are caught by the storm in different locations, they can call their status in to that relative. Emergency managers say it's often easier to get a call out to a distant community in a disaster than it is to call someone within the same community.

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