Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mexican Intelligence Rescued 51 Kidnapped Victims from a Stash House in Reynosa

REYNOSA, Mexico – In a highly secret raid Mexican Intelligence succeeded to release 51 kidnapped victims from a secrete dwelling in Reynosa; Intelligence officials said.

The released persons were being forcefully detained by the kidnappers, Mexican intelligence officials further told.

Reportedly, there are quite a few numbers of foreigners in the rescued victims; where 14 are from Guatemala, 2 from Honduras, 2 from El Salvador and 6 people from China. Authorities stated that the status of few released victims is ‘illegal’ as per Mexican laws. 

No culprit was arrested in the recent operation while six were arrested, including 4 police officers, in the same type of operation last week in which 68 people were released.  

The four police officers were taken to Mexico City and will appear before a federal judge.

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