Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cruel Mother Discarded Her Baby to Death on Sunday near Saidpur Stop, Multan Road, Lahore

LAHORE – Reportedly, a small baby was thrown from the window of a running car that died on the spot due to serious head injuries.

The incident took place on Sunday near Saidpur Stop, Multan Road and according to eyewitnesses; something wrapped was thrown outside from a car that was on the move and when they checked the condition of the baby she was dead.

Most probably the innocent baby might be an illegitimate one and her mother mercilessly throw her on the road to get rid of her.

No one knows for sure how it exactly happens, but this is how people throw away an illegitimate child, a police officer said. First, they reject their unlawful child and then they leave it to expire, which forms an attempted murder. If found guilty, the suspect can be sentenced to 14 years in jail, if not life imprisonment, he added. 

However, police say, it is almost impossible to find out the offenders in such cases. Police is being reported about dumped babies every now and then. But they do not have a way to track down their parents.

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