Thursday, April 28, 2011

Captain Wasi Kidnap Case Updates: Families of Four Victims Expected to See Gover Sindh Dr Ishratul Ibad

KARACHI, April 28 - - Deadline of May 9 is approaching fast to increase the woes of the families of those kidnapped by Somali pirates since more than two months back.

Captain Wasi and other three Pakistanis are counting the worst ever days of their lives in the captivity of Somali pirates hoping to get some positive response from their government. Pirates have already reduced their ransom demand to 2 million dollars; but not willing to cut it short further at any cost.

Ansar Burney, a famous human rights activist in Pakistan, has urged government of Pakistan today to take at least any action against the pirates, if couldn’t help to pay the remaining amount of ransom. 

Ansar Burney is likely to meet Dr Ishratul Ibad, governor of Sindh, later today (Thursday) along with the families of the four Pakistanis kidnapped by Somali pirates.
Wife of Captain Wasi Hassan told media that she had a call from famous Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt who extended his full support for the families of the victims. But government of Pakistan is still playing with the words of their mouth.

There is still a half million dollar difference in the required ransom amount of two million dollar; as shipping company is agreed to pay one million dollar and half million dollar has already been promised by an international NGO.

Let’s hope a better outcome of the today’s meeting between governor of Sindh and victims’ families.  

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