Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wedding of the 20th Century - - Prince Charles and Diana on Their Wedding at St. Paul's Cathedral (Must See Video)

Prince Charles and Lady Diana on 29th July 1981
LONDON - - April 29, 2011 will always be remembered for the Royal Wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton. The fans are getting crazy out there setting up camps near Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and along the convoy route, hoping to see Friday’s festivities up close.

When everyone is charmed by the William-Kate Royal Wedding; my memories took me long back through the windows of past. 

It’s almost 30 years back on 29th July 1981. I can see a beautiful and gorgeous lady in white wedding dress and a charming gentleman holding her in his arms. This is also a scene of Royal Wedding; undoubtedly ‘the wedding of 20th century’. Parent of Prince Williams, Charles and Diana, were having their wedding vows at St. Paul's Cathedral.

Watch the video of “The Wedding of 20th Century”. This recording was made using Memorex VHS video cassettes at a time when domestic VCR's were very few and far between in the U.K. 

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