Saturday, April 16, 2011

Evacuation Increases From Taal Volcano (Philippines) Island After Increasing Seismic Activity

MANILA, Philippines - - The evacuation is underway from an island in Northern Philippines, south of the capital Manila, as a result of government alert about increasing seismic activity in the Taal volcano; which is among the twenty two active volcanoes of the country. 

Reportedly, 1,500 people have already moved to mainland after the warning issued early in this month of April. The number is expected to rise sharply as the local authorities have speed up their information campaign and call for evacuation; even the government has not yet announced a mandatory evacuation from the area.     

Although the population in the island of Taal Volcano is about five thousand; but local authorities have been urging to ban the settlement in the area due to the status of “permanent danger zone”.

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