Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Karsaaz Bomb Blast Updates (April 28) - - Five Killed Fifteen Injured: SSP Raja Umar Khatab

Karsaaz Bomb Blast Killed Five on April 28
KARACHI, April 28 - - Karsaaz Bomb Blast Updates: Earlier a news was shared about the today’s bomb blast in which PNS Mehran Bus was targeted. 

According to latest details the death toll has rose to five, including four Pak Navy sailors and one passer-by, which was earlier stated as three; while the number of wounded is also increased to fifteen. 

Raja Umar Khatab, Superintendent Police, said that there were total eight passengers in the navy bus and four of them lost their lives in the blast. The names of the martyrs are Sabir Marwat, Mirza Ramzan, Muhammad yameen and Imtiaz Ahmed.

Out of fifteen injured 8 were shifted to PNS Rahat, 5 to PNS Shifa; while three were shifted to Junnah Hospital along with a civilian dead body, he further told.

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