Monday, April 25, 2011

Filipino Waiter M.J. in Duabi Charged for Attracting People on Facebook for Sex With Him

DUBAI – A Filipino waiter has been sentenced a 6-month jail by The Dubai Court of First Instance on account of enticing men for having sex with him for Dh 1,000. He will be deported after completing his imprisonment.

Reportedly, 30-year-old Filipino waiter, called M.J., posted half nude photos with his enlarged breasts on social network ‘Facebook’ and encouraging men to commit a sin by having sex with him.

The accused admitted in the courtroom in front of Presiding Judge Al Saeed Mohammad Barghout that he enlarged his breasts, posted his semi-nude photos on Facebook and solicited men to have sex with him.

The Emirati police arrested the accused Filipino after they arranged a fake meeting with him through their informant in Naif hotel. Police raided the lobby and arrested M.J. while he was heading up to the room for the purpose of the deal with police informant.

Prosecutors said the waiter worked as a male prostitute, misused the internet [Facebook social network] to post his own indecent photos so he could entice men to have sex with him.

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