Monday, April 18, 2011

Secret Data of UK's Nuke Submarines Gone Public Online Mistakenly

LONDON - - It’s really an embarrassing situation for British Defence Ministry after the top secret facts regarding the country's nuclear-powered submarines were out on internet mistakenly.

Reportedly, the data on nuclear submarines has been made available on the internet, after a technical error by Whitehall departments. It was reported that the secret information was evidently viewable by users who pasted parts of exposed documents into word processing software.

The revealed information include experts’ opinion about the nuclear-powered submarines' ability to survive a catastrophic accident, and also details measures used by the US Navy to protect its own nuclear submarines, the Daily Mail reports.

There are further reports that some other departments have also issued secret information online in similar document formats, which can be checked in the same way, but the nature of the contents is still unknown.

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