Monday, April 11, 2011

Latest Video (NHK World Live): Tsunami Warning after Powerful 7.1-magnitude Earthquake Jolted Japan Today (April 11, 2011)

TOKYO - A rocking earthquake has smacked north-east Japan, exactly a month after the worst ever recorded 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami.

Today’s 7.1-magnitude quake again generated a tsunami warning, and forced the evacuation of workers from the tsunami-ravaged Fukushima nuclear plant.

The epicentre of the quake was in Fukushima prefecture, and struck at a depth of just 10km (six miles).

The latest earthquake struck as Japan announced the extension of the evacuation zone around the crippled nuclear plant because of radiation fears.

The cooling systems at the Fukushima Dai-chi nuclear plant were damaged in last month's twin disaster. Workers have been struggling to prevent several reactors from over-heating, and prevent an extensive release of radiation. 

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