Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Breaking News !!! - - Karsaaz Bomb Blast Killed Two Pak Navy Officials Today (April 28, 2011): Navy Commander Salman

KARACHI – Breaking News: Three people were killed, including two Navy personnel, in a bomb blast in which a Navy Bus was targeted. 

According to further details; a bomb was planted in a sewage gutter alongside the road to target a PNS-Mehran bus (Registration # 4327) in Karsaaz area. The bomb was detonated through remote control device, like the previous two blasts in which navy buses were targeted a day before. 

Navy Commander Salman confirmed the death of two navy sailors, Muhammad Yameen and Imtiaz Ahmed, in today’s blast; while a passer-by also lost his life in the blast. 

Seven more are reportedly wounded and shifted to nearby hospitals.

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