Tuesday, April 26, 2011

8-member Group of Bookies Threatening Zulqarnain Haider Arrested in Sialkot

SIALKOT, Pakistan - - Breaking News: A group of bookies has been held by police in Sialkot; which is involved in high profile match fixing and links with international gambling mafia, reported by private TV channel Express News. 

Reportedly, 8-member group, including a son and father, was arrested by police in Sambrrial area of District Sialkot and police also recovered more than 150 mobile phones and satellite phones. Other electronic devices, satellite TV set and ammunition is also recovered from the as a result of police raid.

The group is also involved in threatening of Pakistan’s ex-wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider. The group is so much influential that they threatened police during the raid and investigations.  

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