Saturday, April 23, 2011

CDA Employee Accused of Raping and Forcing Her Sister-in-law for Signing Nikahnama (Marriage Agreement)

Islamabad High Court
ISLAMABAD - A woman Nighat Parveen has filed a case against Haji Ahmed Hussain for raping her and forcing her to sign the Nikahnama (marriage agreement). Haji Ahmed Hussain is the husband of Nighat’s elder sister Riffat Kausar.

According to further details; the accused Ahmed Hussain is an employee of Capital Development Authority (CDA) who allegedly raped her sister-in-law Nighat Parveen and kept her under detention for quite few days.

Nighat told that Ahmed Hussain married her sister in 1999; but in 2007 he started to force her to sign the Nikahnama (marriage agreement). Ahmed Hussain also forced her sister to undergo abortions five times, she futher told, and her sister didn’t know about the intentions of her husband.

Nighat Parveen tried to file the FIR against Ahmed Hussain after she got rid of his detention; but due to his influence it couldn’t be materialized.     

With all her efforts Nighat managed to lodge the case and her lawyer, Muhammad Ali Khan, explained his views saying that Nighat could not go to civil court for dissolution of marriage as Ahmed’s nikah with his wife’s sister was not legal under Islamic law and was tantamount to rape. Ahmed Hussain kept on threatening Nighat for not disclosing the nature of their relations, he further added.

The Islamabad High Court Chief Justice on Friday issued notices to Abpara SHO in a petition filed by a woman seeking criminal case against Haji Ahmed Hussain, husband of her elder sister, for forcing her to sign Nikah with him.

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