Saturday, April 16, 2011

Plan Approved for the Tallest Building on Planet in Saudi Arabia - - 'The Kingdom Tower' will be Doubled the Height of Burj al-Khalifa

828-meter High Burj al-Khalifa in Dubai
JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia - - Reportedly, a plan has been approved to erect the tallest building on earth in the Kingdom in the area called Obhur, about 32km north of Jeddah City on the Red Sea's eastern coast.

The ‘Kingdom Tower’ will cost approximately $28.5 billion and will be 1,609 meters high; almost doubled the Burj al-Khalifa in Dubai, which is current tallest building on planet with 828-meter height. 

The Kingdom Tower, designed by American Adrian Smith, will take a 12-minute elevator ride to get to the top of the building. 

Saudi royal family uncovered the proposals this week, stating that the mega-structure will include hotels, offices apartments and a shopping centre. Its floor area will be 3.53 million square metres.

The project lays down the construction of a 23.05 square kilometre city around the Kingdom Tower that can contain 80,000 residents and about one million visitors.

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